The Full Poodle can either fix it or give you unbiased sensible advice.  We hate throwing stuff away unnecessarily, but neither do we like throwing good money after bad.


We carry out all the normal computer repair operations - virus and malware disinfection and protection, repairs and upgrades, new system setups etc. 


We don't charge for an initial assessment.



Your computer almost certainly has a mechanical hard drive.  This is the part which holds Windows, your programs and all your data.  We can replace it with a modern solid-state electronic drive.  It will run cooler, is way more shock resistant, never needs defragmenting, but most importantly, it is much faster.  Theoretically 10x as quick, but realistically at least 4x as quick.  We copy your data from the old drive, then install Windows on the new drive, along with your copied data.  Pricing for the whole operation starts at £95.  If you like we can trim Windows 10 down a little to make it a bit more user friendly.



Despite what all the broadband providers would have you believe, the wireless signal from a router can be degraded rapidly by physical obstruction (e.g. walls) and interference from domestic electrics.  Equipment is available which will rebroadcast the wireless signal from discreet locations around the house.  We offer a wireless viability survey at no cost, and can install and set up the equipment from £85.


Staying in touch

We have years of experience in setting up your devices so that they are as easy for you to use as possible.  We then offer to train you to use them effectively.  Feel confident to use that laptop or iPad which is sitting unused and unloved in a forgotten corner of the house.



Many of us now are using a phone as well as a computer for our emails.  Some email systems have not kept up with the times and cannot keep your emails and contacts properly synchronised.  We can assess your email system and needs, then advise and help you to keep everything in order.


Pop-up messages

It can be difficult for even knowledgeable users to decide which pop-ups are genuine and which are not.  You are not alone.  Some are genuine and even essential while others are malicious, intended to infect your computer with malware or viruses. Often persistent pop-ups are a sign that the computer is already infected.  We have a long and successful record of advising, then disinfecting where it's needed.  If the scans required are likely to be time-consumihg, we take the computer away, but will give you a price before we do. 



We are happy to work with Windows, Android, iPads, and Linux, but draw the line at Apple laptops and desktops.


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